Quick Ways to Ensure a Successful Deposition

Plan Ahead

Make sure to schedule any special rooms or equipment you may need for your deposition with ample time. If a change needs to be made, make that request 48 hours prior to the deposition. This provides a large enough window of time to avoid delays for equipment, room changes, and potential increased costs that can cause problems that could be prevented.

Dress Appropriately

Avoid attire that is too casual or unprofessional. Slacks and a blazer, suits, skirts, and dresses are the best choices for those participating in legal proceedings. Dressing for success truly makes a difference in one’s work.

Provide a List of Terms

Provide your team a list of terms with phonetic spelling to your entire team. This will ensure complex terminology or names are pronounced correctly, as well as allowing your court reporter to keep a more accurate record.

Avoid Unnecessary Sounds and Pauses

Try not to cause too many long or slow pauses, as well as unnecessary “ohs,” “yeahs,” and “uh-ohs.” These sorts of occurrences muddle up a transcript. Also remember to speak clearly and confidently. 




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