What is a Deposition?

Depositions serve as a compilation of facts and testimonies of a case for legal professionals. Every called-upon official and witness involved in the case are questioned under oath. Questions and answers from each involved party are recorded by our Salt Lake City court reporters and later used for analysis and potentially evidence. Attorneys use the deposition to formulate proper strategies to help them win the case.

The Deposition’s Purpose

Though not legally required, depositions play a major role in the crafting of a cohesive narrative and linear timeline of events to present the judge and jury. The attorney and their client use the deposition to discern what they should present in course to paint their side of the story in the best light, while providing a moment for investigating into the opposing legal counsel. Both sides of the case are preparing for what witnesses might say and forming a greater understanding of the case as a whole. This allows them to find flaws and inconsistencies in the opposition’s story.

Forming a Rock-Solid Defense

Consistency is key to a cohesive case. When attorneys and their clients aren’t on the same page, inconsistencies run amok. These flaws are a major point of contention for the judge, the jury, and the opposing counsel. For cases in the public eye, it’s the inconsistencies that are taken note of and criticized but news organizations. The best way to ensure a case’s consistency is by telling the truth. This leaves little room of uncertainty in the court room. Remind your client and witnesses to speak slowly and clearly while being question. Have them wait until the attorney finishes asking the question before answering, so that they can give the most appropriate response. If a question is unclear or vague, remind the witness that it is okay to ask for clarification.  Having a full understanding of the case and its components is what leads to a successful case.




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